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Puzzle :

A shop is selling candies at Rs. 1 for each candy, plus it is giving a free candy for 3 empty candy wrappers. You have Rs. 15. How many candies can you buy?

Sebuah toko menjual Permen Rp. 1 untuk satu Permen, Bonus 1 buah Permen dengan menukarkan 3 kertas pembukusnya. Kamu mempunyai Rp. 15. Berapa Permen yang bisa kamu beli?


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  1. Answer:

    Eat 15 candies and return the 15 wrappers

    u get 5 more candies.

    eat 3 more candies and return 3 more wrappers from the 5 new candies and get 1 more candy

    Now you have total 2+1 candies left….

    eat them and return their wrappers

    and get one more candy……

    so 22 candies in TOTAL.

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